Piano & Singing competition Rules and Regulations

The video submission deadline for the first round: 22.02.2023

The video submission deadline for the second round: 02.04.2023

Final round in London: 01.07 or 02.07.2023


Participants: Vietnamese children and young people living, studying, or working in Europe.

The competition will have 5 categories

There will be five first prize winners, five second prize winners, and five third prize winners.

Contestants will submit the original unedited video clip in 16:9 landscape format to the Organizing Committee. The video clips must be recorded after the contest's official launch date.

Application form for contest participation; if you want to change any of the information, continue by clicking on the link below (or the edit link will be sent to the registration email)


*** Up to 12 minutes means it does not have to be 12 minutes long; younger contestants may only need 4-5 minutes to be eligible.

*** Only Vietnamese songs written by Vietnamese authors or Vietnamese folk songs are allowed. Contestants will sing along with accompaniment (piano/karaoke...), have the option of using a microphone to boost the volume, and record both accompaniment and vocals at the same time. Contestants do not sit or stand on tables, chairs, or beds while singing.

*** Piano repertoires must be played in their original, unedited versions from books. Edited/arranged scores are not acceptable. Piano scores must be uploaded in pdf format to the Google drive application folder. We encourage you to choose classical repertoires by European composers to demonstrate more technique and expression, and to avoid repertoire like "Fur Elise" and New Age music.

*** Contestants are not allowed to replay any repertoire during any competition rounds.

*** Contestants have the possibility of registering for two categories, but both require two repertoires for round 1.

*** The organsers reserves the right not to award the first and second prizes if the quality of the candidates is not met.

*** Contestants and their families are responsible for their own visa fees (£100/person); airline tickets; accomodation and transportation in London (minimum £70/person/day).

*** The top 24 contestants and their parents will receive free tickets to the final concert as well as assistance with the UK Visa application process.

The judges will evaluate the following four criteria when scoring:

To ensure fairness, contestants will be awarded points based on their birth year after calculating the average score of three judges.